When the Cows Come Home: Screening and Director Q&A

When: Thursday 27th October, 6pm

Where: The Regent Theatre, Te Awamutu

When the Cows Come Home sold out twice at the 2022 New Zealand International Film Festival.

Filmed in Cambridge, When the Cows Come Home documents the relationship between farmer Andrew Johnstone and two cows, Tilly and Maggie. Director Costa Botes (Forgotten Silver, Angie) explores the philosophies of this Waikato musician turned farmer, who saved the two bovine beauties from slaughter so that they could become "forever cows". The film marks Botes' ninth feature-length documentary to be selected for New Zealand's yearly round of film festivals.

Costa Botes (director) fell into documentary making by accident and never looked back. Over a 40-year career, he has crafted a series of portraits of quirky, persistent and passionate characters.

"This is a documentary but there is live action where Costa follows Andrew around the farm interacting with the animals and reminiscing. It has cameo's from Dr. Richard Swainson and Associate Professor Geoff Lealand talking about Andrew."

Come for a screening of the film followed by a Q&A with the Director Costa Botes and the star Andrew. Waikato Film Hub have a handful of $15 tickets available for pre-sales - so don't miss out on this price deal!

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